Here at Aesthetic Smiles, we make every patient feel special. From the moment you step into our office you’ll be enveloped by an enticing aroma of scented candles and beautifully fresh cut flowers. The soothing and relaxing ambiance of our reception area will make you feel right at home, as you sit nestled on our soft velvet sofas, with a warm cup of complimentary gourmet coffee in hand, resting to the pacifying sounds of waterfalls throughout. And, that’s just the beginning.

The highlight of your visit actually starts during your treatment. In our beautiful treatment rooms we’ve created the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment to provide the ultimate patient experience. Lavishly furnished with big bay windows, you can sit comfortably in our massage chairs taking in the breathtaking view or simply enjoying your favorite TV show or music; all while we complete your dental treatment.

Your visit is then topped off with a complimentary paraffin hand soak and a warm, scented towel. Experience modern dentistry at its best and a luxurious, comfortable dental experience unlike any other, at Aesthetic Smiles.

Second Opinions

Second opinions are always important when it comes to your health. At Aesthetic Smiles we offer complimentary second opinions, and even encourage some of our patients to get them if they feel they need them. We are confident in our treatment and diagnosis. We also understand that there is always more then one way to treat a tooth, mouth, or smile. Which is why we listen to our patients and offer them all options available to fit your needs, wants, goals, or budget. Many patients often complain to us that they have seen multiple different dentists and all have told them something different. This often true because many different doctors have different treatment philosophies. At Aesthetic Smiles we try not to force anyone elses philosophy or values on you. This doesn’t mean that each dentists treatment wouldn’t work or is wrong, but there is always more then one way to fix things.

A very common example is we often see people who have seen by one dentist who tells them their teeth look fine, and another who tells them then need a bunch of fillings and crowns. Sounds odd that two dentists could see things so differently doesn’t it? When we see these patients we notice that they have many old fillings, usually metal, that are wearing out to some degree. See our General Dentistry section to learn more about these fillings. One dentist may think they are still holding up and will tell you that you have no problems and will wait for one of them to break or be painful before recommending treatment. Another dentist may look at them and think it is time to replace them with fillings or crowns before they become more worn out. When the truth is the old fillings are wearing out and when to replace them is a matter of opinion. Kind of like when do you replace your tires. When they have lots of wear, or when the metal is showing through, or when they blow up and make car crash. In our office we will let know what is going on with your teeth, and what your options are and the consequences of each choice including what could happen if you do no treatment. We will take photographs so you can actually see the condition of your teeth. In some situations there is no harm in waiting, and in some situations there is harm in waiting because it can lead to further, more costly treatment. We will let you know. Certainly doing all that dentistry would help the teeth, but also there is sometimes no harm in waiting, or trying to get more life out of your dentistry. We will not tell you what you have to have to not do, but we will educate you on the condition of your mouth, what the risks, benefits, alternatives are to each option, and let you choose. We will also educate you on how to make your dental work last as long as possible. We feel this is more honest and open and our patients appreciate it.

How to Choose a Dentist