Dental implants are changing the way of life for many people who have experienced the loss of a tooth due to injury or disease. Until now, when someone lost a tooth it would have to be replaced with a bridge or something removable. But now thanks to recent technological developments, Dr. Pilling can give you back a tooth that is essentially like the tooth you had before. Dental implants fit so securely that they feel and look like natural teeth. You will not only regain the beautiful smile you once had but you will also regain the ability to chew, speak and smile with confidence again.

Dental implants can also help retain a denture and help prevent gum recession. At Aesthetic Smiles we offer the latest dental techniques including advanced computer guided surgery, to assist with dental implant treatment. This high quality technology helps us place the implant more accurately, with less pain and discomfort to the client. The results are a long lasting, beautiful smile.

Visit Dr. Pilling for dental implants in Boise, Idaho, single tooth implants are a great alternative to fixed bridges or partial dentures. Come see the experts and have your dental implants done by a Very experienced doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants?

Am I a candidate for Dental Implants?
-Most people who have lost their teeth are candidates for dental implants. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone and gums shrink away. This compromises the adjacent teeth. Adjacent teeth can also shift and fall into the empty space. This leads to further problems and eventual loss of more teeth. We have seen many people who have worn and broken most of their teeth all due to losing a tooth years before and not replacing it. Putting a new tooth or implant where the tooth was lost helps stabilize the bite and helps keep the bone and surrounding tissue from shrinking away. If someone has waited too long and has had resorption of the bone and gums then we can grown new bone to create a better foundation for an implant. Because of the technology in our office we find that we can help most people enjoy the benefits of dental implants.

Is it Painful?
-Most our patients report little discomfort. Do to our surgical technique, technology, and minimally invasive philosophy we are able to do the surgery quick, comfortable, and with little impact to your life. Most of our patients are able to return to work the next day.

What is an Implant?
-A dental implant is basically a tooth replacement. It consists of a new titanium root that is fused with the bone, and a post and crown that attach to it. This makes it appear and feel just like your original tooth. Below is a picture that shows how it mimics and replaces a tooth

Is it Expensive?
-We keep the cost of an implant very close to that of a bridge or other traditional tooth replacements options. That way we can help eliminate cost and help the patient make the best decision for their mouth which is usually an implant. Also Implants can not get cavities or root canals or other diseases that natural teeth are suseptable to. This means that it can potentially last forever or much longer then a bridge would. So Implants cut down on replacement cost over time.

What can Implants do for me?
-They can be used to replace on or multiple missing teeth. They can be used to help keep dentures from falling out or used to hold in bridges.

Gallery Considerations

-If you have a denture and are tired of them coming loose, or not enjoying the foods you once did, then an implant retained denture is the perfect option for you. Implants help keep the bone from resorbing and allow your denture to snap in. This increases your chewing efficiency by 3 fold and gives you the confidence that your teeth will not fall out while eating and socializing. Every Denture patient of ours tells us that they wish they had not waited to add Implants to their dentures

Dental Implant Bridge. These tooth are not removable. They look and feel just like real teeth. She lost these teeth due to gum disease but were replaced with an implant bridge.