When severe dental problems require full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation, Dr. Pilling can create a treatment plan designed to provide optimal long term oral function.and health and beautifully transform your smile. Combining the clinical science of neuromuscular dentistry with the art of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Pilling can successfully rebuild teeth that are worn, broken, chipped, or missing.

An orthodontic appliances can be used to help properly position the jaw if needed and then restorative dentistry procedures that include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or dental implants, can be used to complete the treatment. The end result is a healthy, full functioning, comfortable, and beautiful smile.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some people have had so much damage to their mouth threw the years from cavites, old dentistry, grinding, wear, erosion, etc. that they need to have the whole mouth rebuild. Simply patching things up is a waste of money as the whole mouth or system is broken in the way it functions and feels and looks. Few doctors have the training and skill to reconstruct a whole mouth as it is a very difficult and require a lot of training and knowledge. Many are used to fixing a couple teeth at a time. At Aesthetic Smiles we routinely restore mouths. In some patients its important to get to the source of the problems and fix the whole system as opposed to fixing or patching up a tooth here or there. This treatment helps build back a healthy and function mouth that also looks beautiful. Have a look at some of our patients below. As you can see our technique gets phenomenal results

Here Are A Few Of Our Patients Who Have Benefited From Full Mouth Reconstruction

-These types of results do not happen by accident. They happen from years of experience and meticulous planning and attention to detail. Make sure the office treating your mouth has these skills and qualities

-Severe wear and erosion from night time grinding. Veneers done to re-lengthen teeth