Dental Crowns are one of the most common dental procedures used to restore a tooth or improve its cosmetic appearance. Crowns can fix teeth that are broken, worn down or cracked and can also repair fillings that are too large. In addition, dental crowns may be utilized to secure a dental bridge or to cap a dental implant post. At Aesthetic Smiles, we use advanced Cerec crown technology to create the most beautiful, life-like dental crowns. With Cerec, Dr. Pilling uses durable, tooth colored ceramic materials to strengthen teeth and restore their natural beauty and function. Our patients appreciate the conveneince of being able to come in for treatment and relax in our comfortable massage chairs, while Dr.Pilling completes the entire crowning procedure in just one visit. No hassle and no second visit. Just come in, get your crown put on and walk away the same day looking great and feeling great! This saves you the time and pain of a second dental visit, which is what most dental offices require for thier crowns.

Below is a picture of a tooth restored using this amazing crown technology. The tooth had an old failing metal mercury filling. Was restored using cerec technology in one visit.

Cerec technology provides amazing results in one visit. Very few offices invest in this technology but our patients are worth it. We have found in our offices that very few people need root canals with their crowns. Statistically a good number of crowns need root canals because traditional crowns require more aggressive preparation of the teeth and as a result the nerve within the tooth can be damaged and require a root canal to relieve pain. With Cerec we can be conservative with your existing teeth which means less damage and less likelihood of needing a root canal. Choose the best for your mouth, choose cerec.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crowns

Why do I need a crown?
-A crown can fully restore a tooth back to proper form, function, esthetics, and strength. So when a tooth is severely compromised a crown is made to cover the whole tooth. A physics and design of the crown help prevent fractures and protects the tooth. Things that compromise a tooth and would require a crown are Root Canals, cracks, large fillings that leave little tooth structure left, severe decay, and tooth wear.

Why can’t I just get a filling?
-You can. But you should know all your options. A fillling can fill a hole or replace a filling but it can’t strengthen a compromised tooth. If the tooth is still strong but just has a hole or small cavity then a filling is the proper treatment for the tooth. But if the tooth is in danger of breaking then a crown is proper treatment. A filling would be a temporary fix. We do this when budget and other reasons dictate. A temporary fix is better then no fix. A good analogy is a tire. When there is a small hole a patch (filling) works great, but when the tire is split or severly damaged a retread or whole new tire is needed. A patch will get you by if you drive slowly and are very careful but a new tire will allow you to go back to your normal driving. If the tire blows up it could cause you to crash your car causing more damage. When a tooth blows up it can also cause more damage.

How long will they last?
We are honest and upfront with our patients. Nothing lasts forever, even dentistry. But your dentistry should last a long time if done properly. How you take care of your teeth will also dictate how long your dentistry lasts. If you make regular cleaning visits with the hygienist and brush and floss daily then you should definetly get your monies worth out of your dental treatment. But if you are hard on your teeth and don’t take care of them then they may not last as long as they could. Its like a tire. If you drive conservativly then they will go 40,000 miles plus, but if you are drag racing with them, then you may have to replace them more frequently. We will identify any risk factors you may have that could lead to early failure of your dental work and help you eliminate them so that your investment in your teeth lasts a long time.

What is the cost of a crown?
-The costs of a crown varies depending on what type of crown is used. There are dozens of different types of crowns and all have varying costs. That is why it is so difficult to compare crown prices from office to office as you really aren’t comparing apples to apples. Also crowns are not commodities meaning our crown is not the same as other dentists crowns and vice versa. The success, longevity, health and esthetics of a crown depend on the quality of materials, the skill of the doctor, and quality of the lab making the crown. Replacing a crown early negates any savings you may have gotten from a cheaper crown. At Aesthetic Smiles we guarantee you that we use the strongest and best materials available, and that we use the best labs and take the time to make sure we preform the best service for you. We hold ourselves to a high level of skill and precission. Plus we save you the cost and time of a second visit as we do our crowns in one visit. If you’ve been told you need a crown make an appointment for a free consultation at our office. With our technology we have found that we can often fix teeth with less costly and more conservative treatment option then just a crown.