Our Cerec crown technology creates beautiful and natural-looking dental restorations using our Cad/Cam advanced computerized system.

Cerec reduces the amount of time you spend in the dental office since all the work is performed in one visit. This means less freezing, drilling and uncomfortable dental impressions. Cerec provides a more functional, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional methods. The ceramic material used in Cerec is more durable, longer lasting and compliments the rest of your teeth, offering a more natural-look.

Using the Cerec system, Dr. Pilling can successfully improve the appearance and function of your teeth in just one convenient visit to his office.


One of the newest pieces of technology we offer, is our ability to make dental restorations and crowns in one visit. Typically, it takes multiple visits to create crown restorations, involving taking a mold of the teeth and making a temporary.

However, in our office we use Cad/Cam technology, which takes a picture of your teeth and uses a dental program to create the crown digitally right there during your visit. It is a great way to get very accurate, very beautiful restorations.

Our patients love knowing that if they do need a restoration, they can get it done conveniently that day, in only one appointment.